Mike Sturm
A writer, among other things.

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My name is Mike Sturm, and there are a few ways that you may know me:

  • I made a fancy GTD spreadsheet and course.
    In 2017 I wrote an article on Medium about how I use a simple spreadsheet to run a version of David Allen's famous GTD productivity system. The response was (and still is) beyond what I ever expected. That led me to create a course made up of 12 videos that guide you through using the sheet to run the system for yourself.

  • I write things on the internet.
    Most of my writing is about productivity, self-improvement, and life in this digital age. I write for publications like Better Humans, Personal Growth, and The Coffeelicious, among various others. I am also the co-founder and erstwhile editor of a wonderful publication called The Junction—where the real editorial work is done by the talented Matt Tomic

  • I have a newsletter.
    I am the editor-in-chief of Woolgathering, a weekly e-mail newsletter which aims to help its readers think differently and think better.

I am available for hire—for both writing and speaking gigs. Interested parties should email me to inquire about those opportunities.